Ciminna, Sicily                     Phil's hometown

Philip Di Ciminna Barber Shop has been in business for over 45 years offering world-class haircuts and hot towel shaves. 

We are an authentic old-fashioned barber shop providing fast courteous service. 

Each of our worldclass barbers has mastered every style. Whether you want a vintage, classic, European or modern look, we're the barber shop for you! 

With years of combined experience, we know that you'll never have a closer shave or better cut.

​​Monday - Friday 7am - 5:30pm
Saturday 7am - 1pm

World-class Haircuts & Hot Towel Shaves

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Philip Di Ciminna Barber Shop

175 North Wells Street

Chicago, IL       United States

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1969 · Celebrating 50 years in business · 2019


Appointments Accepted
Walk-ins Welcome​


Appointments accepted, please call 312-263-4930.

Walk-ins are also welcome.

Phil, David, Toni, Aaron, and CherriAnn will be happy to see you.

Haircut & Style ~ $30
Every haircut is executed with precision and style. We promise you'll walk out of here lookin' your best.

Hot Towel Shave ~ $30
We apply a hot towel and hot lather cream to ensure you get the best and most comfortable shave possible.  A great experience for any occasion, popular with groomsmen.

Beard or Moustache Trim ~ $7
Beards and moustaches are in. We will make sure yours looks better than ever.

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